Henriette Djedou

“You are UNIQUE! Just like a MARVELLOUS CRAFTED DIAMOND. Release the Spark in you, so the world gets to enjoy THE GIFT THAT IS YOU.” Henriette Djedou

Henriette is a life strategist, a gifted speaker and a mentor who takes pride in empowering people of all ages; helping women, men and the youths to unleash their true potentials and their worth.   She is a nursepreneur with over 9 years of experience as a psychiatric nurse. She graduated as a Mental Health Nurse in 2005 from LSBU and currently work as Development Lead Nurse in charge of Training and Development of Juniors Staffs within one of the NHS trust in England and Volunteers as the VP of the International Ivoirian HealthCare Association in UK.

As a result of her history of child abuse and domestic violence (which left her with some indescribable pain), Henriette made up her mind to empower and motivate people with similar life experiences. She founded Diamond Ecoute in 2017; a global platform for self-expression, giving individuals opportunities to share their unique stories, creativity, expose talents and be known. She achieves this through regular speaking engagements that she organises, 1:1 sessions on self-control, finding purpose



Facebook/Instagram: @henriettedjedou

Email: henriettedjedou@yahoo.com, diamondecoute@gmail.com