Joanne Muturi


Joanne Muturi is an experienced Life Coach, mentor and workshop facilitator. Her mission is to help women across the globe get clarity on their life direction, live to their full potential and align their lives fully to their unique life purpose. Joanne’s mission is to help women realize their worth through empowering them to break away from self-defeating patterns and beliefs and helping them to step into their zone of excellence and brilliance.

After 13 years of working as a financial professional with the United Nations Federal Credit Union and 3 years previously, with a commercial bank in Kenya, Joanne decided to yield to her soul’s yearning and pursue her calling as a life coach. She has since immersed herself in learning powerful coaching techniques from several high-level coaches and coaching academies to help her clients create change from the inside out and get results that astound them. She brings her own unique blend of personal development, practical hands-on tips, and her vibrant personality into her business. Joanne creates a safe space for women across the globe to discover their hidden dreams and reignite the dormant ones.

Joanne’s current client portfolio includes both corporate women and female entrepreneurs living and working in 3 continents through her popular 1:1 signature coaching programme “In your Element”, her latest group coaching programme “REFOCUS” as well as her live, in-person events and workshops held quarterly under the theme “Made for More”.

In addition to her Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Administration, Joanne holds an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the United States International University. Other professional qualifications include several certificates from finance, marketing and sales courses that she did as a part of her career development plan while with the UN. One of her most coveted and highly valued achievements was “MVP 2011” – Most Valuable Player for UNFCU across the various offices world over. Joanne has ably transferred these skills and expertise to help her coaching clients build sustainable and viable businesses linked to their life purpose.

In addition, she is a Licensed Facilitator for Her Invitation, which is a UK based female empowerment company where women are reminded of how powerful and influential they really are in the world. She feels very strongly about the importance of raising the visibility of women and girls, especially in Africa. As a result of her deep commitment to this cause, she recently featured in a video series dubbed “10 things you need to know to love yourself today” which has been downloaded and been received so well by thousands of women globally.

Lastly, Joanne strongly believes in giving back and she is very involved with charity work in Kenya. She particularly has a soft spot for women and children and had fundraised for a couple of orphanages in Kenya. When Joanne is free, she loves to read and is very proud of her collection of over 200 books from different genres. She has a deep interest in photography, art, and history and is often visiting the various British historical sites across the UK. Tranquility, mindfulness and balance are crucial to her well-being and she incorporates a 45-minute walk daily as a key part of her self-care regime. Lastly, Joanne’s believes that her business and her personal life are deeply intertwined and her Christian faith is the cornerstone upon which these stands.  


Joanne’s philosophy in life is:

“When you discover your life purpose, everything changes! Life becomes more meaningful and fulfilling. My desire is that EVERY woman gets to live her ONE, ROYAL life with boldness and courage”. Joanne Muturi


Website: www.joannemuturi.com  

Cellphone: + 447568498196

Email: joanne@joannemuturi.com